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Green Metal Bonding And Sealing Anaerobic Adhesive for Retaining

Green Metal Bonding And Sealing Anaerobic Adhesive for Retaining

Anaerobic Adhesive, Anaerobic Glue, Thread Locking Agent manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Blue Metal Bonding 243 Anaerobic Adhesive for Retaining, Two (A, B) Component Modified Acrylic Adhesive/Glue, Nail Free Adhesive Has Extremely High Adhesion Strength and so on.

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Product Description:


7638 retaining anaerobic adhesive is single component, medium viscosity, maximum high strength, good performance on medium resistance, for cylindrical parts, curing during air free situation when two metal surface connected tightness.

Typical properties(7638)

Model No.7638
Viscosity(CPS   25°C)1600-5000
Initial curing time 10-20 min
Full curing time24 hours
Max Filling gap0.25
Break torque(N.m)14 N.M
Average removal torque8 N.M
Temperature resistance-50°C to  +150°C
Guarantee period(25 °C)18 months


This product could be applied to bond of metal, rubber, plastic, wood, pottery in the fields of daily household repairing, arts making and repairing, apparatus first orienting etc.


1. Cleaning the oil from surface and take the gaskets away from it.
2. Using the top of cap to pierce the nozzle to let gel come out and coating them evenly on surface, the thickness is about 1.6-3.2mm from outer edge to inner edge.
3. Initial curing is about 15-20 minutes, 10 hour or 24 hours will reach good sealing effect under the room temperature 25 °C
4. After finished work, cover the tube and wash hands with water, also clean tools.

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