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Adhesive application
- Nov 18, 2017 -

Due to the many advantages provided by the use of adhesives and glues as joining , protection and sealing system, this type of material or technology is experiencing a huge growth in use in the areas of construction, manufacturing and maintenance.

Currently a wide range of sectors and industries use adhesives as part of its processes, from the use of adhesives as a closure system in the packaging industry, through the use of adhesives as a system for construction of complex structures such as skyscrapers, airplanes, trains or buses.

On the other hand, without the use of adhesives it would be impossible to manufacture materials or products that we use in our daily life, such as honeycomb panels used in multiple sectors of the construction which provide a extraordinary strength with reduced weight, medical and composite material used in the reconstruction of teeth, office supplies like post-it, etc...

The aerospace area was the first sector that promoted the use of adhesives in the aircraft manufacturing process, due to its outstanding advantages over traditional methods such as welding or bolting, and then the other industrial sectors found in the adhesive material joint solutions and improvements to their products.

The automotive industry has experienced in recent years a large increase in the use of adhesives, the adhesives are applied during the manufacturing process both for joining a car interior parts to form the racks of the car, eliminating some of the welds and rivets, getting cars lighter and safer in crash tests developed for this purpose.

As an example and in order to show various applications of structural adhesives, the following are several examples where adhesives that are used as bonding materials for the construction and manufacture of ground, air and sea vehicles:

adhesive applications on vehicles

glue Adhesive for bonding structures or racks.

glue Adhesive for bonding the front, side and rear window glass.

Adhesive for bonding body roof structure.

glue Adhesive for bonding side panels of the structure.

glue Adhesive for bonding the floor.

glue Adhesive for bonding the cabins of the vehicles.

glue Adhesives for bonding differents elements of the equipment.

Besides the main function of the materials used as adhesives to bond substrates, adhesives can be used for other purposes, such as sealing the pipes or other items that require sealing screw fixation in order to eliminate the effect of self-loosening caused by dynamic loads, sealing of areas you want to prevent oxidation and corrosion, waterproofing, acoustic and electric, etc ...