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Adhesives for Shipbuilding Industry Applications
- Nov 24, 2017 -

Adhesives for Shipbuilding Industry Applications

Adhesives are widely used in many parts of the ship's bonding and sealing, has become an indispensable important material, to simplify the production process, shorten the shipbuilding cycle, improve reliability and safety, reduce labor intensity played a significant role. In the ship's assembly, whether it is FRP, wood or metal structures have to use adhesive. In addition to the structural bonding of components with conventional adhesives, adhesives / sealants are also heavily used as seals for ships sailing in rivers, lakes, and seas, and liquid polysulfide sealants are used to fill structural joints Solve the problem of closed joints by wood bulging. Sealants are used extensively on ships for the sealing of deck seams, hatch holes, portholes, and various oil, water lines and cables.