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Adhesives in the automotive industry applications
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Adhesives in the automotive industry applications:

Adhesives are used in the automotive industry (including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and related vehicles) for process simplicity, reliable performance and cost-effectiveness; they are used in the manufacture of metals, plastics, fabrics, glass, The structure of the painted surface is connected, fixed and sealed. About 25 types of adhesives are suitable for the assembly of automobiles, with a typical amount of about 9% of rubber for each motor vehicle. Automotive adhesives must meet a number of unique requirements that are essentially independent of the performance of the adhesive joint and must be easy to use under the following conditions: ① unskilled laborers often change frequently; ② high production rates (100 cars / h), each operation is a short fixed time; (3) the bonding surface requires only a minimum of cleaning (may also have oil); (4) the allowable limits for health and safety standards; (5) curing time, pressure and temperature may vary slightly, And require baking process or with low heat distortion temperature of the material to match; ⑥ want to avoid accurate weighing and complex mixing. The requirements of automotive industry adhesives are very strict, Hyundai Motor must be able to run well in the temperature range of -40 ~ 93 ℃, but also resistant to temperature changes, salt water, fuel oil, grease, temperature resistance, vibration resistance, Resistance Xian washing and dust-resistant and so on. The structural applications of the adhesive in the automotive industry are as follows: ① body and roof reinforcement; ② double-shell roof; ③ inside and outside the cover plate; ④ brake shoe ⑤ clutch and belt; ⑥ window seal; ⑦ plastic stop Plate; ⑧ disc brake friction pad; ⑨ FRP body panels (sports cars and trucks, ⑩ radiator tank; 11 plastic floor.