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Application of electronic sealant
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Application of electronic sealant

Adhesives in the electrical / electronic industry, a wide range of applications, from micro-circuit positioning until the large motor coil bonding. Once the adhesive failure, the consequences are very serious, the computer will stop running, the city will be a dark, missiles can not be launched. In addition to the requirements of electrical fasteners mechanical fastening, there are conductive, insulation, vibration damping, sealing and protection of substrates and other requirements. The characteristics required for its different applications include: service life ranging from a few seconds to several years, operating temperature -270 ~ 500 ℃, the dosage from less than micrograms to more than 1 ton.


Epoxy adhesive in the electrical / electronics industry, the most widely used, because of its versatility, excellent adhesion, wide adaptability, easy to use, electrical properties, anti-aging. Silicone adhesives are ideal for applications requiring flexibility, wide temperature range, high frequency, high temperature and atmospheric pollution. Hot melt adhesive is available under conditions that require quick assembly, low strength and low operating temperature. The choice of acrylic adhesive is mainly due to their excellent electrical properties, stability, good resistance to aging and transparency, and fast curing. Polyurethane adhesives remain soft, tough and strong from low temperatures to 121 ° C. Pre-coated polyvinyl butyral can form tough and easy to assemble joints. The main applications of adhesives in the field of microelectronics are:

① mind bonding;

② circuit components and substrate bonding;

③ package;

④ printed circuit board.

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