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Classification of industry adhesives
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Industrial glue is an application of adhesive classification, industrial or heterogeneous objects for the surface with adhesive bonding together technology, with stress adhesive fabric continuous, light weight, or sealed, most of the characteristics of low temperature process. In general: industrial glue with high strength, suitable temperature and temperature range, viscosity range, low price, easy to produce and many other features.

Acrylic adhesive

Acrylic Adhesives: A structural adhesive with a wide range of bonds, including most types of plastic, lightly treated and untreated metals. Can be divided into two-component catalytic curing, one-component UV curing or thermal curing. Flexibility from good to very good, with weatherability. Fast curing.

Anaerobic adhesive

Curable one-component adhesives / sealants only in the absence of air. For thread locking, cylindrical retention, pipe thread seal, seal and so on.

Instant dry glue

One-component adhesives that cure instantly when in contact with metal surfaces. Most substrates have good adhesion and high strength. Can have different viscosity, curing speed, ability to fill the gap and surface compatibility.

Epoxy glue

Can be one-component or two-component, heating and curing at room temperature. High bond strength to most substrates, sometimes exceeding the strength of the substrate itself. Epoxy resin is very hard, with chemical resistance and weatherability. Can be designed as a thermal and conductive epoxy adhesive.

Hot melt adhesive

A thermoplastic material that melts in a sizing facility to wet the substrate surface and cools to form a bond when cooled. Cures quickly and is not a true structural adhesive, but a wide range of bonded substrates are available.

Polyurethane adhesive

One-component or two-component, good surface treatment of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastic have good bonding properties. Good flexibility and durability. Catalytic curing, thermal curing, solvent evaporation curing three curing methods. Generally curing slower.

Silica gel

One-component silicone adhesive / sealant forms a tough solid by moisture curing. Has good weatherability, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. Operating temperature from-76oF to 600oF (-24oC-315oC)

UV curing adhesive

One-component, solventless, UV and visible light cured adhesives are used for bonding, coating, potting and sealing. Cures in seconds or seconds after exposure to UV light or visible light.