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Construction Adhesive
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Construction Adhesive

In the construction industry, adhesives are mainly used in the construction and decoration of many building construction components such as cork plywood, laminated wood, laminated cardboard and some like components, plastic floorings, carpets, ceramic tiles, wallpaper and the like. In recent years, in the construction and installation of construction adhesive has been used instead of mechanical reinforcement, this adhesive is called structural adhesive, it with poor joints with a thick adhesive layer or a thin layer of glue can be firmly bonded. There are currently two major problems with bonding in the construction industry: one is the lack of proper temperature control for bonding; the other is the lack of suitable process equipment; therefore, mechanical reinforcement is also required. The construction industry, the application of bonding assembly are:


① overall liner wall and wood frame bonding;

② Lined floor and ceiling beams and rafters bonding, play the role of Ding Liang beam;

③ a variety of surface force of the sandwich plate;

④ glued wood truss assembly;

⑤ used as stringers or rafters box girder and other types of woven beam;

⑥ all the components bonded into the final structure.

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