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How to seal around a bath
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Seal a bath

Sealing in between a bath and a tiled wall with silicone sealant is important because it prevents water from seeping between the two and causing damage. This short video shows you how to prepare the area for sealing, what to do to stop the sealant pulling away from the bath, how to use a cartridge gun to dispense the sealant, and how to dispense the right size bead as well as tips for getting an even, tidy finish.

Preparation & Planning

Make sure the area you’re going to seal is clean, dry and free from dust - especially if you’re removing old silicone sealant before applying a new one. It’s a good idea to weight the bath down by filling it with water. This helps you apply enough sealant to stop the seal pulling away from the bath when it’s full.

Getting the job done - hints & tips

Use a sanitary sealant as these often contain fungiside to inhibit mould growth which will help prolong the life of your bathroom seal. Make sure you leave your bath filled with water until the sealant is dry to avoid sealant coming away from the tiles when people use the bath.


Take care when using a stanley knife to cut off the top of the sealant. Always cut away from you. Wear protective gloves when using silicone sealant.