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The material cost for adhesive/silicone/sealant continue increasing
- Dec 25, 2017 -

As the policy of Chinese government and international situation, the material cost in China increased too much in the last one year, and continue increasing at this stage, the best choice for you to order the adhesive/silicone/sealant in advance, and lock the cost. We will consider the situation, increase the sales price on some products, and keep the same sales price for the rest products.

As the government contorl the low efficiency company, lots of small factory was shutted down or stop operation, until the quality and production meet the regulation of social and environment requires, such as most of small steel company, wood company, chimecal company was closed or stopped production.

As one of leader company, Huitian adhesive/silicone/sealant continue developing, special for the potting sealant/adhesive, conductive sealant, thread sealant ect, the total sales in 2017 increased one time more than last year.