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What is conductive plastic
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Conductive adhesive is a cured or dried conductive adhesive with a certain performance, it is usually the matrix resin and conductive filler that is the main component of conductive particles through the matrix resin bonding the conductive particles together to form a conductive Access, to be sticky material conductive connection. As the conductive resin matrix resin is a kind of adhesive, you can choose the appropriate curing temperature for bonding, at the same time, due to the miniaturization of electronic components, miniaturization and printed circuit board high density and highly integrated rapid development, The conductive paste can be made into paste, to achieve high line resolution. And the conductive adhesive process is simple, easy to operate, can improve production efficiency, so the conductive adhesive is to replace lead-tin solder, conductive connection to achieve the ideal choice.


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