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China International Adhesives And Sealants Exhibition
- Dec 12, 2017 -

CHINA ADHESIVE is the only professional event that gathers adhesives, sealants, ink, PSA tape and label products in the world, you can find all kinds of polyurethane adhesive, heat resistant adhesive, thermal adhesive, epoxy glue, silicone gasket, rtv gasket maker, glue for electronics, conductive glue, silicone rubber sealant, medical adhesive, uv cured glue, adhesive solar panel, acrylic sealant, road sealant, glass sealant, construction sealants etc. It has been held annually in turn in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou and become the best choice for adhesive, sealant and ink industry since 1997. As the future of China’s adhesives and sealants, CHINA ADHESIVE is the ideal platform for industry communication in technology and business. 2018 CHINA ADHESIVE & TL-Expo will move to Shanghai New International Expo Centre. It will share cutting-edge information and technology of the industry. Based on more than 20 years of constant development, CHINA ADHESIVE has won the reputation as one of the leading shows worldwide in terms of its vast scale and grand impact. We will again proudly present CHINA ADHESIVE 2018 to boost the development of the international adhesives and sealants industry.